Heading east with a father and his two sons (12 & 14) from NY. the entire ride out I'm trying to figure out how this is going to work since out tuna can make most twenty year olds cry. The first two hours pass without a bite but sometime around 9 we have our first bite. Fifteen minutes later we put the first yellowfin in the box. Our next encounter is a 250+ mako that decides to eat my...
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Out with a family from Bedford PA looking to lock horns with some tuna. About an hour into the day they get their wish when six rods go down all at once. The melee that followed wasn't very pretty but we somehow managed to get three in the bag. Getting jumped early has been somewhat of a bad omen for boats lately and unfortunately today we got hit with the curse. Other than a window shopping...
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Today's guys called an audible after hearing of the dismal tuna bite yesterday and decided to try their hand at some deep drop action. After a slight learning curve sea bass and tilefish were filling the box at a rapid rate. Shortly before noon and with a full box we decide to throw out a limited tuna spread and troll towards home. About 45 minutes later my bridge rod takes off and after a 10...
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Another 55 mile run in search of yellowfin. First bite comes ten minutes into the day when our shotgun line gets crushed and we put the fish fish of the day in the box. I swing back through and another rod gets slammed. Fish #2 in the box. The next two hours are fruitless so I make a two mile move and happen to find a patch of deep blue 70 degree water that immediately produces a bite. The next...
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Heading east looking for better results than yesterday with a crew from York PA. Our first encounter takes place mid morning when a white marlin pops up in the spread and joey gets a hook in the bugger. A few minutes later the fish is released to fight another day. The next several hour are dead. Shortly before noon after easing into shallower waters we get jumped by five yellowfin and hold on to...
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I can not believe I have to do this again. Out With FedEx Tom and is boys, baby sister too. Expected a day of good yellowfin action based on yesterday. Boy was I WRONG! By mid day we still had not had a pull and the guys decide to throw up the white flag and head back. This crew is usually very lucky. Perhaps baby sister had the long evil fruit hidden in her bag? LOL!
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Out with a great group of guys from eastern PA in search of some yellowfin. After a 55 mile run Joey is setting the spread when the third line out get nailed and we put the first yellowfin in the box. A bit of time passes before our next encounter and its a doosy.  Seven rods go down at once and we manage to put five in the box. Over the next few hours we add four more to the total.
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Another day of tuna fishing with a crew of three, dad and his two boys. The day begins with a 55 mile run to some 68 degree water. Our first encounter takes about an our when our left rigger gets smashed. After a hard fought struggle were shocked when a 175# mako pops up from the deep. After a 10' release Joey resets the spread and about 30 minutes later we put our first yellowfin in the box....
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Some days you can do no wrong, like yesterday. Some days you can do no right, like today. Out with a crew of regulars for a day of tuna action that turned into a day of no action. These crazy fish wanted nothing to do with our worms...I mean nothing! Not a look, sniff or anything. Back in the slip with some very understanding guys and a embarrassed captain.
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After several days off we're back on the water again with a couple from Lebanon County, PA. First hour is slow until we get hit by a couple jumbo size skipjacks. We continue to work the area even as the other boats loose interest and head elsewhere. About thirty minutes after the final boat paddles away our bar get crushed and after a great fight Joey puts a fat YF in the box. The next hour is...
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Spend a day with Capt. Dan and the crew and discover why Fin Chaser Sportfishing Charters is so popular! Ocean City, MD has some of the best fishing on the east coast! Fin Chaser Sportfishing Charters offers offshore trolling, chunking, deep drop fishing, nearshore wreck action, fly fishing, and more most within a two hour run from the inlet! Filling coolers for years.


12/13 Hr. Offshore Trip $1500.
12/13 Hr. Deep Drop Trip $1500.
10 Hr. Shark Trip $1325.
9 Hr. Mid Range Trolling Trip $1275.
8 Hr. Nearshore Trolling Trip $1050.
8/9 Hr. Long Range Wreck/Bottom $1050.
8 Hr. Wreck/Bottom Trip $950.


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