Want to hook something that might make you question your manhood? Want to do battle with the meanest, brawniest, most powerful gamefish in the Atlantic Ocean? Want to take a bite of the freshest sushi you’ve ever had?

From early June through October, Ocean City, Maryland offers some of the best bluefin and yellowfin tuna fishing on the Mid-Atlantic coast. While bluefin and yellowfin (or ahi tuna) are the most common, we also encounter bigeye tuna, blackfin tuna, and longfin albacore during the season. And the whole family has a serious attitude problem.

Here at Fin Chaser Sportfishing, we carry a complete arsenal of precision tackle built to take on big tuna, whether the hot bite is conventional trolling, light-tackle chunking, or  explosive greenstick action. We only use two-speed reels, allowing anglers to shift between low and high gear and gain line regardless of whether the fish is still “green” or has finally given up (not likely). If you’re a veteran angler who likes to fight stand-up, we have longer rods custom-built for this style of fishing. However, if you prefer to do battle from the chair, the Fin Chaser is equipped with a 130 class fighting chair.

And the great thing about tuna fishing in Ocean City is that you’re not locked into catching only tuna. We almost always fish a few “multi-species” baits: this means most tuna trips also have a very good shot at catching mahi mahi (dolphin fish), wahoo, or marlin that happen to swim by. Check out our trip reports or photo gallery, and you’ll see just how many of our “tuna trips” also bring back a mix of other species.

Think you have what it takes to take on a tuna? Call today to find out more about tuna fishing on the Fin Chaser, or book your trip now.


Trip Catch

Offshore Big Game Fishing

Forty miles off Ocean City Maryland begins the slope waters of the famed canyons. This deep blue nutrient rich water is a mecca for tuna, marlin, mahi and wahoo. More Info

Tilefish Deep Drop Fishing

If you like bottom fishing but you want to catch something bigger, book a deep drop trip. Deep dropping combines some of the best aspects of bottom fishing and trolling. More Info

Nearshore Trolling

Ocean City offers what can be outstanding fishing action well within a short one hour boat ride of Fin Chaser Sportfishing Charters. More Info

Nearshore Bottom Fishing

If filling the cooler with dozens of black sea bass, wrestling a double-digit tautog out of a wreck, or a stringer full of flatties (flounder) sounds like fun, call us today. More Info

Offshore Saltwater Fly Fishing

Addicted to fly fishing? Love seeing the follow and then the take? Wanna give the 10 or 11 weight a real test? Book a saltwater fly fishing trip. More Info