08/19/23 thru 08/30/23

Better late than never!  Our mahi have finally arrived in good numbers. Over the last week several crews have quickly limited out on small bailer mahi. Days when the wind forces us to hang tight to the beach our crews are still seeing good catches of Spanish, Bluefish and Atlantic Bonito.
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08/08/23 thru 08/18/23

The last ten days had just about everything. Days that were supposed to be nice that turned out to be hateful rough and days that were supposed to be rough that turned out super nice. A couple days of pretty darn good tuna fishing mixed in with some very good tilefish and nearshore trolling action. Spent a couple days with a crew from a local college doing some research work too.
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Tuna catch

07/31/23 thru 08/06/23

A little tougher weather than we've had over the past few weeks had us hanging closer to the beach than we normally do. The days that we did run deep a couple of which, by days end, we kinda wished we'd have stayed a. Little closer because of totally useless weather forecasts. Fishing has remained about the same, a few yellowfin as well as lots of tilefish and Spanish. Cutlassfish have moved in...
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Tuna catch

07/15/23 thru 07/26/23

Two very busy weeks with outstanding weather and decent fishing overall. The goofy offshore fishing continues. Seems every day a handful of boats do okay while the other hundred boats only get a handful of bites. More recently a few more marlin encounters and some mahi moving in should help fill our days. Tilefish continues to be red hot despite the crazy current. The nearshore trolling bite is...
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07/05/23 thru 07/12/23

Offshore the tuna action continues to improve and the tilefish action is red hot too. Closer to the beach the nearshore trolling bite is outstanding for Spanish Mackerel as well as a few Atlantic Bonito. Spent several days this past week doing some research with a local university while listening to my buds doing fairly well on tuna offshore.
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Fish catch

06/28/23 thru 07/03/23

We continue to hit the dock with some impressive tilefish hauls over the past several days. Most of the crews are shocked at just how hard these things pull and at least two recent texts raving about the taste. Closer to the beach our nearshore trolling continues to produce awesome catches of Spanish Mackerel and Atlantic Bonito, both excellent on the fork.
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Holding tuna

06/21/23 thru 06/27/23

Still dealing with these crazy winds and days at the dock all while trying to connect with these crazy yellowfin. Tilefish action remains outstanding and the nearshore bite for those looking for a slightly shorter day is very good.
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Fish catch

06/13/23 thru 06/20/23

Tuna action continues to be slow with boats running up to 80 miles for one or two bites. Most of our crews opted to fill the cooler with fantastic eating tilefish instead. Action has been good with some super jumbos mixed in. For those looking to stay a little closer to the beach our nearshore lumps are offering great trolling action for Atlantic Bonito, Spanish & King Mackerel and those hard...
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Tuna catch

06/06/23 thru 06/12/23

Kicked off our tuna season a few days too late. I'm reluctant to book tuna trips in very early  June in fear of the fish being delayed in getting here. Well this year that backfired big time. Our first day was Thursday the 8th and the expectation was high based on one of my buds who fished Tuesdays and killed 14. We fished hard Thursday, Friday and Saturday with a grand total of 8 bites...
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Fish catch

05/27/23 thru 06/05/23

More crazy NE wind kept us at dock most the past two weeks with only two exceptions, a shark trip that got cut short because of 25+ knot winds hitting us and a sea bass trips that produced a 6 man limit (90 fish) in 2.5 hours. There were 3 or 4 fishable days over the past two weeks but none of our charters were able to rearrange their schedules. Too bad, the yellowfin bite is red hot.
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