Tuna catch

06/06/23 thru 06/12/23

Kicked off our tuna season a few days too late. I'm reluctant to book tuna trips in very early  June in fear of the fish being delayed in getting here. Well this year that backfired big time. Our first day was Thursday the 8th and the expectation was high based on one of my buds who fished Tuesdays and killed 14. We fished hard Thursday, Friday and Saturday with a grand total of 8 bites...
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Fish catch

05/27/23 thru 06/05/23

More crazy NE wind kept us at dock most the past two weeks with only two exceptions, a shark trip that got cut short because of 25+ knot winds hitting us and a sea bass trips that produced a 6 man limit (90 fish) in 2.5 hours. There were 3 or 4 fishable days over the past two weeks but none of our charters were able to rearrange their schedules. Too bad, the yellowfin bite is red hot.
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05/15/23 thru 05/26/23

Crazy windy & rough seas was the welcome to the opening two weeks of our black sea bass season. Opening day was nice and while the size made things a little tough an 8 mile late morning move payed off big. By days FedEx Tom and his boys were only 8 keepers away from their limit. The next 13 days found us sitting at the dock while the wind seemed to blow a steady 25 out of the the NE. The two...
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September 2022

I always look forward to September trips and this year didn't disappoint. Despite the storms and lack of tuna September provided most of our customers great action. Mahi were her in fairly good numbers, the tilefish were crazy hungry and those toothy wahoo made off with a couple of my favorite mahi rigs. Even the nearshore action was good for those on a tighter budget.
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August 2022

August 2022

August seemed to be very typical this season. A few tuna still around early then things change as we see increasing numbers of mahi for our customers to target along with the ever popular tilefish and those tough little false albacore people those on a tighter budget or with younger anglers.
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July 2022

July held something for everyone. Our yellowfin and even a few bluefin seemed to be scattered from the deep canyons of 60 miles all the way in to our nearshore hills of 20 miles. Trolling was best in the beginning but by mid month the chunking bite was turning on.  Unfortunately after just a few days the fish turned "leader shy" forcing us to use 30# leader on fish that were averaging 50+ lbs. ...
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June 2022 Report

June begins Fin Chaser's offshore season. Most of these trips we're targeting tuna but some tilefish trips continue to be run as well. Wind turned into a real issue this year as well as the large biomass of fish holding 100+ miles from our inlet for some of the month. Our tuna trips yielded modest results with some slower days being offset by great catches of tilefish for those who wish to try...
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May 2022 Report

Our season began on May 15th 2022. The first two weeks we targeted black sea bass with good results. Most of our crews limited out despite the new increased size limit. Late in the month we ran a trip for blueline tilefish with great results while continuing to run black sea bass trips.
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07/09/15 thru 07/15/21

Tuna fishing continues with the addition of a couple "Greenstick" fish and some "Chunking" fish too.  One stud yellowfin tipped the scales @ 93# and was landed on 40 lb. leader! No big impressive catches for us, we're just plugging away trying to put fish in the box on a daily basis. The new combo trips are a big hit this season and the tilefish continue to impress everyone with size and...
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07/05/21 thru 07/08/21

Our tuna have been a little lacking over the last couple trips. One thing that isn't lacking is this darn wind which has caused some dates to be rescheduled.  Seems the large biomass of yellowfin is fading, looking for a new push of fish to show with some of this wind. While the catches have been lees than spectacular I'm just happy to see fish in the box. Some dang good boats have been getting...
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 Offshore Trip $1925
Deep Drop Trip $1925
Troll/Deep Drop Combo $2050
 Shark Trip $1675
Mid Range Trolling Trip $1625
Nearshore Trolling Trip $1350
Long Range Bottom $1250
Bottom Trip $1150

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