The mahi mahi is one of the best tasting—and most beautiful—fish in the Atlantic.

They’re also the fastest growing fish on the planet, which means they’re always looking for an easy meal. These voracious feeders show up off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland in mid June and continue to increase in numbers until they peak in late September through early October.

Mahi mahi are the perfect fish for deep sea charter fishing, allowing anglers to target them with equipment ranging from heavy trolling tackle to light spinning gear. From junior anglers to seasoned veterans, these fish offer something for everyone. Multiple hook-ups are not only common, but absolutely expected when targeting mahi on board the Fin Chaser. And when the trolling stops and the light tackle chaos starts, the numbers of fish in the box adds up quickly. If we know we’re going to be primarily targeting mahi mahi with spinning tackle, our crew is careful to arrange the cockpit to provide as much room as possible during the pandaemonium that is almost certain to ensue.

If you’re a fly angler, tie some Clousers, grab a ten weight, and book a September or October fly fishing trip for mahi mahi. These fish will aggressively chase a fly, and they usually put on quite the aerial show after they realize they’ve been hooked. You’ll also improve your casting skills, as fly fishing for mahi often means targeting one big bull out of a school of 20 or 30 competitive fish. We recommend lots of flies and plenty of backing.

As with all of our trips, you won’t be limited to one species. Mahi love to hang around weedlines, pot markers, and floating debris. So do wahoo, marlin, tuna and triggerfish. We’ll have bait and tackle on board for whatever the day may bring.

Think you have what it takes to take on a mahi mahi? Call today to find out more about mahi mahi fishing on the Fin Chaser, or book your trip now.


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