10/06/21 thru 10/15/21

Final two weeks of our season provided outstanding yellowfin chunking action as well as incredible black sea bass fishing. The yellowfin were fat and angry pushing most crews to the edge of exhaustion.  The final black sea bass trip of the year yielded 90 keepers in one hour and five minutes!!!
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09/30/21 thru 10/05/21

A decent stretch of nicer weather allowed us to sneak out a couple days and put our anglers on the fish of their choice. The mahi fishing was pretty good with one trips triggerfish bonus made the guys very happy. Tuna chunking to the south has been great but the prevailing winds only allowed one trip in that direction. Closer to the beach the black sea bass bite has been outstanding for the...
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09/19/21 thru 09/27/21

09/19/21 thru 09/27/21

Two weeks of wind, horribly inaccurate weather forecasts and a couple health related cancellations found me downing way too many Tums. We were able to sneak out on a couple days thanks to most crews (all but one)  who were totally cool with fishing for whatever we could find. Mostly, small mahi, sea bass and false albacore. Fingers crossed that this crazy weather gets itself straightened for...
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09/07/21 thru 09/17/21

09/07/21 thru 09/17/21

Typical September weather continues. Fish one day, loose two to weather. Fish two days, loose one to weather. On the day we're able to fish our anglers are rewarded with good action on a wide variety of fish. Everything from nearshore sea bass to offshore mahi & tuna. One notable trip found FedEx Tom and his boys knee deep in a mahi morning slaughter, fish flying everywhere!  Something I've...
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08/30/21 thru 09/05/21

A week of polar opposite weather and catches. Some days flat calm and some hateful rough. Some days the mahi and tuna were big and hungry, others days, finicky or  smaller. Can't complain too much, decent yellowfin fishing in late August is very welcomed. The mahi are showing stronger and stronger. The crew from the 4th found out just what happens when a monster mahi (58#) comes out of the blue...
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08/16/21 thru 08/28/21

Fishing over the last two weeks has been pretty darn good despite the weather and the brush of the first hurricane of the season.  Tilefish continues to be epic and still seeing a few yellowfin too. Mahi are getting stronger every week and those toothy wahoo keep missing our baits after rocketing out of the water on several different bites.
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08/09/21 thru 08/14/21

More tilefish, wind and a few too many the night before.  Spent the last week battling wind, sporty seas and a couple crews who really wished they hadn't spent so much time at the bar the night before our trips. Tilefish bite remains strong while the nearshore black sea bass bite is enough to provide some relief to a couple hung-over crews. Was able to enjoy seeing a 11 year old slam some sea...
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07/31/21 thru 08/08/21

Lots of wind this past week found us sitting at the dock too many days. On the days we could get out the tuna action was day to day while the tilefish bite remains outstanding. Spent a little time looking under some deep gear for mahi but didn't find any. Fished some bottom 18 miles off the beach one day after a crazy NW winds blew-up 45 minutes after we hit the canyon forcing us back inside. The...
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07/23/21 thru 07/30/21

Tuna, Tiles & Wind. A decent trolling bite continues with most trips seeing some tuna action and one lucky crew spending nearly an hour doing battle with a 112", 400# blue marlin released after pics next to the boat. Tilefish action continues to be awesome but afternoon winds and current seem to be conspiring against us some days.
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07/16/21 thru 07/22/21

Yellowfin Action continues to be good both in the canyons and at the 30 fathom chunking hill. Starting to see one or two white marlin on most canyon trips as well as an encounter with a 300-350# blue marlin that only lasted for about a minute before the fish threw the hook. Mahi starting to trickle in and our first wahoo bite of the season left us with a bare line after those teeth took one of my...
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