Today was to be a tuna trip but an early morning starlink call with two fellow captains, one who'd been out since noon on Sunday, without a tuna bite had my guys re-thinking their trip. So I point the boat for constant action as Big Mike gets the tilefish gear ready. The bite is pretty good despite the challenge of holding bottom.  After hitting our limit we spend a little time on a nearshore...
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Today was to be a sea bass trip but after hearing how terrible the sea bass bite has been lately the crew digs a little deeper in their pockets and hopefully head home with a limit of tilefish. The bite was a little slower than the past few trips but still good enough for us to limit out before time ran out.
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Offered this crew from Bedford PA the choice of tuna or tile and after about ten seconds of discussion the decision was made..... head for the tile hole. Conditions were just about perfect which made our job easy and by late morning we had all the law will allow. Stop on the ride home for about an hour and played with some sea bass, even at a few to the box.
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Pushed our way through still north winds and pretty crappy seas with a crew looking for tuna. These guys were cool with the long ride and the added fuel to get to a little piece of water laying 10 mile outside the Baltimore canyon. About 30 minutes into our day my longrigger gets blasted. The fish misses it three times as I'm jigging the bar he finally gets the hook.  Meanwhile three other lines...
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With the prospective tuna water still a day away we head for the tile hole again. With two miles to guy a buddy of my call me with fantastic news. The current is running so hard he can't hold bottom. We start with 48 oz of lead but quickly find that 72 isn't hardly enough. Used all the tricks I know to put 25 in the box before heading back inside for an hour or so of shark fishing.
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Another crew looking to fill the freezer with some tilefish dinners. The bite was excellent while the size was somewhat modest. By mid morning we had our limit so decision time is here. Head for a deep water wreck and see if we can add to our haul or get a couple extra hours of sleep. The extra sleep got most of the votes so I push the throttles up and headed to the beach.
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Headed out the inlet with a group of guys looking for a day of tile fish action. The forecast was marginal but I thought we'd  be okay. At the 3 mile mark one of the guys who had driven most of the night to get here was not loving life so I decided to pull the plug on the tilefish and bounce around within 25 mile trying to put together a catch of these finicky sea bass. The bite was okay but the...
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Out for a day of tilefish action with the boys from Port Deposit. The bite was outstanding on the bluelines with a couple small golden's mixed in for a splash of color. After hitting the magic number in late morning we head back stopping with 18 miles left to go for some black sea action. Back in the slip with a limited tile fish and a handful of black sea bass
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Headed out for the first tile fish trip of the season. Are 50 mile run was paused at the halfway point by one of the coolest displays I've ever seen on the water. About a dozen big whales were putting on a show the likes of which I have never seen before. Continue to watch the performance for about 20 minutes before heading out to assault the tile fish. The bite was good and we reached the magic...
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First offshore trip of the season was greeted with very marginal water temps for yellowfin and only two or three caught so far in OC this season. Fifteen minutes into the day three rods go down in 62° water. A good fight but not what we're looking for, false albacore. Pushed east and found a 68° edge. Midway thru the morning one of my bridge rods get hit. As the angler is bringing it in I can't...
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