August 5 2018

August 5 2018

Out with a crew from Bedford PA looking for some tuna action. Arrive at the spot at 5:15 am to find around 40 other boats already there and a steady line still coming. Set the anchor and proceeded to get the baits out. After thirty minutes of no action I climb up on the bridge and realize the anchor has slid and we’re in much deeper water than I had wanted. Pulled everything in and reset the anchor. Thirty minutes later, no action, I check the sounder and darn if that anchor didn’t slide again. I honestly can’t ever remember this oversize anchor not grabbing immediately. This time I can anchor where i want to because the 40 some boats has blown up to 100+ and there no room. We decide to make a drift and after another 90 minutes we still haven’t had a pull. I decide to make a 5 mile move to another hill and immediately mark fish. We quickly send out a couple baits and one takes off. The fish is pulling but not quite like a 50# tuna should.  Turns out the bite we’ve been waiting all morning for is a super jumbo skipjack tuna. Make a few more short drifts before throwing up the white flag and making a run for the mackerel/bluefish hill. Spent over an hour on the hill but can’t buy a bite……SMH!!  Trim a few hundred off the trip and head in with my head held low.

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Spend a day with Capt. Dan and the crew and discover why Fin Chaser Sportfishing Charters is so popular! Ocean City, MD has some of the best fishing on the east coast! Fin Chaser Sportfishing Charters offers offshore trolling, chunking, deep drop fishing, nearshore wreck action, fly fishing, and more most within a two hour run from the inlet! Filling coolers for years.


 Offshore Canyon Trip $1925
Deep Drop Trip $1925
Troll/Deep Drop Combo Trip $2050
 Shark Trip $1675
Mid Range Trolling Trip $1675
Nearshore Trolling Trip $1350
Wreck/Bottom Trip $1250


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