July 14 2019

Out with an ambitious plan with a crew from Lancaster PA, find a cobia will to take Charles’s fly. Cruised around the nearshore //shoals looking for the “man in the brown suit”. Finally we spot two, one jumbo and one small guy. Of course, the small guy jumps on a jig before the fly can get in position. After that, the big boy just swims off. Moved over to a shallow wreck and spent a few...
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July 13 2019

Out with the same lucky crew as last year for the Ocean City Tuna Tournament. Friday starts out slow but we finally get the right bite late in the morning and after a struggle we have Kylleigh’s 88# bluefin in the box. Spent the rest of day #1 looking for the elusive “under” bluefin but to no avail. Day #2 was a struggle. No bluefin bites only monster bluefish and king mackerel. Fortunately...
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July 11 2019

Out with a crew from PA for a 9 hour bluefin trip. Worked around the first hour and managed to put a beautiful 22# mahi in the box. Sometime around 8 we get the bite we’ve been waiting for and twenty five minutes later we but a 85# bluefin in the box. Worked the hill for the remainder of the trip pulling the hook one another over bluefin and adding a nice king mackerel to the stew.
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July 10 2019

Another trip looking for some bluefin. First bite comes at mid morning and after a arm breaking fight Dave sinks the gaff into the 90 lb fatty.  The next bite comes about two hours later but the hook pull after about five minutes. Continue to work the area for the next two hours but only manage a double header of gaffer mahi. Back in early at the charters request to allow extra time for the...
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July 08 2019

July 08 2019

This trip begins with a phone call the night before letting the guys know about the pending wind and the options we have based on the forecast. They decide to give it a go so we run east in fairly decent condition. Our first encounter is a double mahi bite, one makes it in the box. Our next encounter isn’t with a fish but with rain and wind. This wind wasn’t to arrive until noon time and not...
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July 07 2019

Today’s fishing starts at one of my favorite bluefin hills. Worked that old hot spot for nearly an hour before deciding to run south and put the guys, especially the young guns on some kings. After putting together a nice catch of kings we run back to where we started the day not wanting to give up on old faithful. Thirty minutes after we arrive our short rigger gets pounced on and we add a 85#...
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July 06 2019

Ran SE with a yearly crew for a 9 hour day of fun fishing. First bite of the day is a nice mahi. Spent the next several hours adding a nice catch of king mackerel to the box. Big surprise of the day…a 50# bluefin slams our bait and goes in the box too. Back in a little early to get one guy, who wasn’t loving life, back to solid ground.
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July 05 2019

July 05 2019

Second trip of the season for this father and son crew. Told them I’m sure we’ll get Austin his first bluefin on this 9 hour trip…words I would come to regret. Worked three of our honey holes but could only manage mahi, king mackerel and bluefish bites.
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July 04 2019

Out looking for a July 4th bluefin with a crew from southern Lancaster County PA. Our first bite comes on our first pass across the shoal. After a very impressive first run William buckles down for an epic battle with a 90# fatty. With our over in the box we go on the hunt for a under. Looked here and there, high and low but could not find any smaller bluefin on some of the other lumps. In quite...
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July 03 2019

Out with Hans and the boys for a 9 hour bluefin trip. Our first bite comes after about 45 minutes but the hook pulls less than 15 feet from the gaff. Thirty minutes later we have another chance but the exact same thing happens……?????  Wondering if we’ll get another shot I jokingly tell Dave he better start searching for the long evil fruit…bananas. Third time is the charm and after...
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Spend a day with Capt. Dan and the crew and discover why Fin Chaser Sportfishing Charters is so popular! Ocean City, MD has some of the best fishing on the east coast! Fin Chaser Sportfishing Charters offers offshore trolling, chunking, deep drop fishing, nearshore wreck action, fly fishing, and more most within a two hour run from the inlet! Filling coolers for years.


12/13 Hr. Offshore Trip $1850
12/13 Hr. Deep Drop Trip $1850
13 Hr. Troll/Deep Drop Combo $1975
10 Hr. Shark Trip $1625
8/9 Hr. Mid Range Trolling Trip $1575
8 Hr. Nearshore Trolling Trip $1300
8 Hr. Long Range Bottom $1200
8 Hr. Bottom Trip $1100


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