October 28 2017

Pushed east for 18 miles in some fairly sporty condition that arrived way earlier than called for. The sea bass bite (for those who took the little white pills last night) was great while the keeper to throwback ratio wasn’t so good, about 4 to 1. With a nice box full of fish and before the super nasty wind hits we head back to OC about an hour early. Sent 40 sea bass and 7 bluefish to the...
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October 27 2016

Roll the dice heading for the offshore waters trusting there are still a few mahi hanging around in our quickly cooling water. First hour of trolling doesn’t produce anything until we happen upon a few lobster balls. Spent the next few hours picking away at some mahi before sending baits to the bottom for tilefish and sea bass. Back in the slip with 10 mahi and 12 sea bass/tilefish in the box.
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October 21 2017

Another mahi trip, more gear. With 6 miles left to go I notice a poly ball and high flyer free floating all by itself. Dave throws out a quick 4 rod spread and we make a pass. WHAM!! every rod goes down with some super nice fish. The next few hours is awesome, both light tackle and trolling gear. These are the best class of fish we’ve had so far this season. Nearly all are solid gaffers and...
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October 20 2017

Rescheduled trip from earlier this fall finds me running 55 mile east toward some gear we hope is holding fish. First couple pots only produce one/two fish each. Moved to a second string that had some better numbers. The guys were loving the light tackle action and beautiful fish. By days end we had a nice box full of those “oh so tasty” mahi.
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October 19 2017

Two days of sea bass research with Reed and his crew. The bite was outstanding and some of these fish….Very Nice Size, some super size triggerfish too!  If today is any kind of barometer the opening day of sea bass season (this Sunday 10/22) should be awesome…and I have it available if anyone wants to fill their freezer before winter.
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October 15 2017

Broke the inlet super early in pretty clam condition looking to make a 55 mile run east. Unfortunately, even the calmest of seas, sometimes don’t agree with certain folks so the trip was trimmed down to an 8 hour deal. Spent a couple hours trolling some nearshore lumps with a few false albacore bites and then finished the day pounding the sea bass on a nearby wreck.
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October 10 2017

A last minute fair weather mahi trip with FedEx Tom and his best bud of 50 years Vince. Morning seas were still pretty hateful but we pushed through and arrived at the canyon only to find super thick pea soup fog making it nearly impossible to locate any gear even with our radar since the swells were large enough to mask the high flyer returns. After 45 minutes of searching I finally see three...
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October 07 2017

Out with family and friends from Scott Martin Landscaping from PA for a day of mahi fishing. The early action was good both on light tackle and troll baits. Fish seemed to be a slightly better size class than earlier in the week as well including Corey’s very respectable 17# bull. By late the gear had all been hit so we throw out a trolling spread and at Scott’s request start trolling our way...
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October 03 2017

Three days of light tackle mahi fishing provided outstanding action for our anglers on small to medium baler size mahi. Limits were easily reached on Tuesday & Thursday’s trips while Wednesday found us back in the slip with 35 in the box for our Amish friends.
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September 30 2017

A super early leave with a crew of military guys from VA for a day of offshore action. Spent the morning absolutely crushing the mahi on light tackle. With a full box of mahi we throw out a trolling spread and immediately put a 35 lb. longfin albacore in the box. Over the course of the next 15 minutes the winds go from 10-15 to 25+  straight out of the west, our direction home. With nearly all...
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8/9 Hr. Long Range Wreck/Bottom Trip $1050.
8 Hr. Wreck/Bottom Trip $950.

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