October 28 2017

October 28 2017

Pushed east for 18 miles in some fairly sporty condition that arrived way earlier than called for. The sea bass bite (for those who took the little white pills last night) was great while the keeper to throwback ratio wasn’t so good, about 4 to 1. With a nice box full of fish and before the super nasty wind hits we head back to OC about an hour early. Sent 40 sea bass and 7 bluefish to the cleaning table. Not bad considering we only seemed to have two/three rods in the water most of the time while the rest of the crew was in the infirmary.

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 Offshore Canyon Trip $1925
Deep Drop Trip $1925
Troll/Deep Drop Combo Trip $2050
 Shark Trip $1675
Mid Range Trolling Trip $1675
Nearshore Trolling Trip $1350
Wreck/Bottom Trip $1250


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