Big run south with a father and son team looking to fill the freezer. First bite happens as Joey is setting the spread. The bluefin yanks the spreader bar right out of his hand. The next few hours sees us quickly putting our three "unders" in the box, releasing two others and a couple bites that didn't come tight. The fish today were much smaller than yesterday but still legal by a couple inches....
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First tuna/deep drop combo trip of the season found us running 56 miles to the south to an area that was holding decent numbers of bluefin tuna the previous day. Joey set the spread and we started the hunt. First two hours was dead for us. Radio told me some boats we catching, some not. Made a couple slight changes to the spread and the new spreader bar get nailed. A few minutes later Joey sinks...
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Ran to the 50 fathom line with a crew from Waynesboro PA for a day of deep drop fishing. Morning bite was good but by late morning the chopper bluefish were making thing costly and miserable by eating fish & sinkers. Made a two mile move to slightly deeper water and found good action on a mixed bag and NO bluefish! Back in the slip after a sporty ride home with 58 Sea Bass, 24 tilefish and a...
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Paddled north today with a crew of four from PA looking to fill the cooler with sea bass. First two stops produced modest numbers with only about 15 keepers. However, our third stop was a home run. This little piece was giving up a steady stream of keepers with some very respectable "knotheads" mixed in. But the most impressive part of the whole day was our Jr anglers. Man could these guys hammer...
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First big run of the season found the Fin Chaser in 325' of water looking to fill the box with tilefish and black sea bass. Conditions were tough as the current was screaming out of the north. Combine that with a SW breeze and a lot of lead was required to hold bottom. Bite was good, even great, but our hook-up ration wasn't.  Pulled the plug about 45 minutes early due to ever increasing winds....
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Out with the boys from Hegins for a day of sea bass action. Bite was ok but the keepers were few and far between. Worked our tails off fishing over a dozen different pieces trying to piece together a catch. With 15 minutes left in the day we need one more keeper for our limit but it wasn't to be. Back in the slip with 89 in the box.
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Out for another day of sea bass fishing with fingers crossed for a better bite than we had yesterday. Well the fish were a little more cooperative today and the size seemed slightly better than yesterday too. The guys stayed busy and by 11 am we hit that beautiful number of 90 keepers.
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Made a longer run this morning looking for some action like we had two days ago. Arrived at the bottom only to see a blank screen on my sonar looking back at me. Worked the area hard but could only manage about 40 keepers before pulling the plug and running 9 miles in hopes of finding more fish.  Well the new location held fish but for some reason they didn't want to play. Bounced all around and...
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Out for the second day of black sea bass season with Tan and his crew. Bite was tougher than yesterday but still very good. Limit took longer than yesterday but we were still done by 10:15. Back in the slip with a 90 fish limit in the box.
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Spend a day with Capt. Dan and the crew and discover why Fin Chaser Sportfishing Charters is so popular! Ocean City, MD has some of the best fishing on the east coast! Fin Chaser Sportfishing Charters offers offshore trolling, chunking, deep drop fishing, nearshore wreck action, fly fishing, and more most within a two hour run from the inlet! Filling coolers for years.


12 Hr. Offshore Trip (13 Hr. Friday & Saturday) $1525. ($1625.)
12 Hr. Deep Drop Trip $1525.
13 Hr. Troll/Deep Drop Combo $1675.
10 Hr. Shark Trip $1325.
10 Hr. Mid Range Trolling Trip $1300.
8 Hr. Nearshore Trolling Trip $1050.
8/9 Hr. Long Range Bottom $1050.
8 Hr. Bottom Trip $950.

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