September 01 2016

Out with Jim Tom and the boyz for a day of mahi fishing maybe some fly rod action too. Spent the morning working some crab gear with light tackle as well as a fly rod Conner brought. Action was good but the size was a little off from previous trips. By 11:00 we’ve got 43 mahi in the box and decide to throw out a marlin spread and cross our fingers. 30 minutes go by and a white pops up behind...
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August 30 2016

Today starts with a team meeting to discuss the forecast as well as all the options available. The guys make a cautious decision and choose to hang closer to the beach than they originally planned on. After a 50 minute boat ride we arrive at the “turkey” hill and Dave throws out the spread. The action is super fast on these hard pulling little tunas. After a couple passes our long bait takes...
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August 28 2016

August 28 2016

Forced to give up our canyon hopes today due to a fairly nasty offshore waters forecast. The guys opt to bend a rod on some false albacore for a few hours instead. After a 50 minute boat ride TD sets the spread. Our first bite takes less than 10 minutes and turns out to be a beautiful 24 lb. mahi. The next few hours sees non stop action on false albacore, even taking a couple on a fly rod the...
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August 26 2016

August 26 2016

Ran to just south of the Baltimore looking for some gear that I found about 10 days ago. Much to my dismay the gear must not have been producing and was removed. Trolled north to the canyon to find a couple other boats working that stuff so we broke out the deep drop gear and the guys set about filling the box with tilefish. The last time we did this it was one of the most perfect drifts I can...
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August 25 2016

Set out in search of mahi with a pair of anglers from Lancaster PA looking to hook the big one on a fly rod. First couple stops didn’t provide any action but we finally found some fish after about 90 minutes of looking. First couple were kinda on the small side but then we found some studs that pushed Charles’s 10 wt. to its limits and snapped Brian’s spinning rod right above the grip....
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August 24 2016

Out with DNR Ron and his guys for a day of filling the freezers. Looked at a couple red crab gear buoys but only found a few small mahi and one white marlin that missed the hook. Turned out attention to those oh so tasty tilefish. The bite was outstanding with doubles on a regular basis. Ended the day about an hour early with 46 tiles and a couple small mahi in the box.
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Spend a day with Capt. Dan and the crew and discover why Fin Chaser Sportfishing Charters is so popular! Ocean City, MD has some of the best fishing on the east coast! Fin Chaser Sportfishing Charters offers offshore trolling, chunking, deep drop fishing, nearshore wreck action, fly fishing, and more most within a two hour run from the inlet! Filling coolers for years.


12/13 Hr. Offshore Trip $1850
12/13 Hr. Deep Drop Trip $1850
13 Hr. Troll/Deep Drop Combo $1975
10 Hr. Shark Trip $1625
9 Hr. Mid Range Trolling Trip $1575
8 Hr. Nearshore Trolling Trip $1300
8 Hr. Long Range Bottom $1175
8 Hr. Bottom Trip $1075

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