October 30 2016

Back to back fishable days….WOW!!!  Headed back to the area that was so good to us yesterday with a trio of construction workers doing work in DC. These guys were lucky enough to experience some of the best sea bass fishing (bite & size) I’ve seen in quite a while. And while those nasty bluefish made it challenging at times the size of some of the bass made it all worth while. These guys...
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October 29 2016

The weather has finally provided us with a 8 hour window when its not blowing 20+ so off we go in search of sea bass.  After a 25 mile run our lines hit the water but only about half of the guys are fishing. The other half had a little too much fun the night before and aren’t doing so well in the choppy seas. The bite was outstanding most of the day with fish going in the box on a regular...
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October 20 2016

Out with FedEx Tom and his boys for a day of meat fishing. After a big run in flat calm conditions the spread is set and the hunt begins. Pulled past two sets of gear with  no takers but that all changed when we passed #3. The rest of the day provided good action on small/mid size mahi both on light tackle and trolling gear. The big shock of the day happened around noon when a HUGE white marlin...
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October 16 2016

Pointed the boat east today with a crew of twenty-something Penn State alumni looking to fill the cooler with the other white meat…..TILEFISH!! After a learning curve of a couple drifts they figured out the program and fish started hitting the box in fairly good numbers. Even though we were in an area known for blueline tilefish we actually encountered a couple goldens today, the largest of...
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October 15 2016

October 15 2016

Ran south with six other boats today on the hunt for yellowfin. On board was a family of five who have a vacation home up island near Fenwick. The boats spread out trusting that someone will find the fish. Sometime around 9:30 Todd captures a pair of yf so I point the boat in his direction. By the time we arrive the other boats are already there but no more encounters. As I make the first pass...
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October 03 2016

Out with a great bunch of guys looking for the “meat”. Pointed the Bertram toward some deep gear that I thought might be holding some of those super pretty fish. Our first pass told us all we needed to know, every rod get nailed. Dave pulled in the trolling gear and hands out the spinners to this experienced crew. The next few hour are hours are a blur of flying mahi, bait and blood. Sometime...
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October 02 2016

First trip after the big blow. I decide to run to the 30 fathom line and have a look see. First hour is rather slow only producing a pair of turkey bites. Move over to a big hill and immediately five rods go down with turkeys. Spent the next 90 minutes in constant battle with the mother load of turkeys. We decide to make a 6 mile move after Capt. Todd tells me he’s captured a couple mahi just...
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September 28 2016

September 28 2016

Ran east today in some pretty sporty conditions with a crew of doctors from VA. Arrived at large hill and threw out the spread. First bite takes about 30 minutes and turns out to be a false albacore (aka turkey). The next bite takes about 60 minutes after arriving at yet another large offshore hill. We spend the next two hours in constant battle with some super size turkeys. The guys arms need a...
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